Having your baby riped out against your will

I think I’d go mad!!!

OK – I am uber-maternal, my ‘mothering instinct’ engaged to more than two standard deviations from the mean…

In other words, if you will let me, I will ‘mother’ you!!!

I gave up everything – from my business to some incredibly lucrative opportunities – to stay at home and be my kids’ mom.  Just because they wanted me to:  even knowing it will deprive them of video-games and expensive holidays, y kids said they’d rather have me income-less and home, available for them.  And, to me, this is the highest compliment my kids could ever pay me and the greatest indulgence my husband could ever grant me!

So, I cannot possibly imagine how this woman felt:  she had a panic attack (and, during my pregnancy with my first son, I suffered panic attacks during the last trimester, so I can relate…but they were just panic attacks caused by hormonal surges and nothing deeper than that!!!), somebody called emergency ‘to help her’ – and she got taken into a ‘psychiatric hospital’, involuntarily committed, sedated and, without her permission or even knowledge, her baby was removed via a C-section and even though she is fine now, the baby is up for adoption!!!

All I have to say to this is:  Britain – not even once!!!

UPDATE:  Ezra Levant brings the story to light:

H/T:  Elsa



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Meanwhile, in the UK…

...liberal fascists do not care if it harms children or not – removing them from a home because the adults in the home support a perfectly legal political party which represents the UK in the European Parliament, but just isn’t liberal fascist enough…

This reminds me of the case a while back when a pregnant woman had to leave the UK because the ‘officials’ had deemed her to be an unfit mother because of her past political affiliation with the English Defense League and were going to take her baby away as soon as it was born.  Too bad thay don’t show this kind of concern for children born into the families of UK Muslim fascists, who routinely mutilate their children in the name of religion…

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Holocaust in the UK curriculum

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last time, but… somebody on the internet is wrong!!!

There is a particularly nasty rumour going about, that the UK has removed the teaching of Holocaust from its curriculum, ‘in order not to offend Muslim students, because they don’t believe in it’.  Please, pass it on:  THAT RUMOUR IS NOT TRUE!!!

Not having had enough time to think through the implications of the rumour itself (I am a very slow thinker), I will not comment on it for now.  Instead, I would like to share with you the questions that occurred to me as I ‘Googled about’ for articles on it.

  1. How can people pass on any ‘tidbit’, but especially one that has such an emotionally charged content, without checking it out???  Form 5 or 6 sources, at least???  Are we (collectively) really that stupid?
  2. How did this rumour even get started?  Now, I do have some suspicions on this one… I lay the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of some journalists (and their appallingly low standards in quality of writing and actually transmitting information) AND those readers who skim, rather read, news articles.  Poor writing and ‘skimming’ instead of reading are a bad combination indeed.
  3. Why would so many people be so ready to believe this rumour?  And though there is an ‘edge’ to this rumour, making it most tantalizing to pass on, the level of hysterics in some of these emails spreading the rumour spoke of genuine worry, so I do think the rumour was believed.

While the first two questions deserve a good hard thinking about, it is the third question that we all need to examine…