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This is a video uploaded by a jihadi murderer who had followed a French cop to his house and killed him, tortured his wife to death in front of their 3-year-old.

Between killing the couple and deciding what to do next, he had made this video and uploaded it to facebook.
Now, the French government is claiming the killer was ‘mentally unstable’ – which is why this video is so very important.  It shows, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the killer was NOT ‘mentally unstable’, but knew right from wrong…and was motivated purely and only by what is written in the Koran.
Full disclosure:  shortly after this video was uploaded, a friend of mine asked me to listen to it, to see of there was something pertinent in the murderer’s ravings to the crime itself.  I understood enough of French & Arabic to assess that this video needed to be sent to a ‘proper’ translator.  Based on my  analysis, the video was sent to a translator in order to prove that ‘mental illness’ had nothing to do with this crime – but being an observant Muslim DID.
Please, do keep this in mind while watching the video:


In 2005, a Muslim immigrant to Canada (a Math teacher by profession) told me that his Mosque was teaching them that welfare money paid to them is their share of jizya collected from the rest of us, Canadians, in recognition of their superiority:  so they did not have to work and could devote themselves to Islam 100%.

Look around you and think about what Robert Spencer just said…